Los Cabos Reselfies
Go to a resort town in Mexico, hang out with celebrities, surprise people on Instagram and then win a Cannes Lion for all of that? Sure, I'm in.
This ran in the London Olympics opening ceremony. Whenever we presented it, someone in the room would cry. We used those tears to fill up that swimming pool (that last part is a lie).
Modern Family. Dark Shadows. Crunchy new product. The list of thanks in this one is long.
Apologies if you saw this commercial way too many times. The client was so happy he didn't have to pay residuals to talent (other than the VO by the awesome Will Arnett), they ran this for a good three years.
2020, the year everything turned upside down, gyms became classrooms, and two-week turnarounds for TV campaigns became commonplace. 
Running the Heinz Ketchup's social media accounts was as unpredictable as ketchup coming down a glass bottle. 
Ruffino Prosecco
One video asset and one strong insight: sometimes that's all you need.
Home Chef
This one-time-art-director wrote and co-directed this commercial. Stop putting people in silos, people.
I swear the junior team named the main character.
Just because there's no budget for photography, it doesn't mean a small-space newspaper ad can't end up featured on the Print Magazine Annual.
U.S. Cellular
Everyone has a giant-megaphone-on-a-rooftop-in-Argentina campaign on their portfolio, right?
Guitar Chicago
It's always cool when people email your client asking where they can buy their subway ads to hang in their Chicago apartment.
Mutual Musicians Foundation
This National Landmark could use all the help we can give. The help I can give is designing posters that look like jazz records.
Comedy Writing
I write and perform comedy in Chicago and all around the internets. Don't be weird, stop by sometime (unless you are weird, in which case keep to the online pieces, please)!
17 Syllables at a Time
Last year I lived in Japan and came back with a belly full of sushi, memory cards full of photos and notebooks full of haikus. Then turned all that into a book.
Monsters Dot Com
It started with a Second City sketch I wrote and then turned into my first foray into animation. Now it's screening at festivals all over the world.
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